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Monday, January 09, 2006

From NPR

Two recent, interesting & relevant stories:

1. Vietnam's 411 Goes Beyond Phone Numbers A "411" service in Vietnam run by the state-owned telephone company is a highly trusted source of information, including for health-related issues. Rates are US $0.06 a minute. An interesting paradigm of a government-officiated, centralized information service. And of a market-driven service in a communist country. They predict imminent changes with the diffusion of Internet access.

2. Study: Mexican Migrants See Spike in HIV Based on a UC study by the University AIDS Research Program, this story indicates an HIV/AIDS incidence of 0.6% in farmworker communities in Fresno and San Diego counties. This is higher than some previous reports in such communities. The concern is that given the work/living situation and lack of access to educational resources, this could increase rapidly. And with the migration back and forth to Mexico, farmworkers contracting the virus in the U.S., they have already been importing the disease to rural Mexican communities (Mexico has a lower incidence of HIV/AIDS than the U.S.).


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