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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Victims of Dangerous Pesticide Contamination Win Settlement

Nearby where we are working. Article from SF Independent Media Center.


In spite of Governor Schwarzenegger’s recent veto of a bill that would have required fines for violators of pesticide use rules, a judge ruled on Friday that Western Farm Service and Kirschenmann Farms must pay damages to residents of Arvin, California who were poisoned by pesticide drift on July 8, 2002. Eighty-four people will share a $500,000 award from Western Farm. Kirschenmann Farms was ordered to pay an additional $275,000 to the victims.

Senior scientist with Pesticide Action Network North America, Dr. Susan Kegley, has been working on the issues of pesticide drift for many years. According to Dr. Kegley, “This settlement should send a message to pesticide applicators that poisoning people as a routine part of doing business is no longer acceptable. The fumigant pesticides especially are too hazardous to be used safely and should be phased out. When "accidents" like this keep happening, it's no longer an accident, but a poorly designed system that ensures these such poisonings to keep happening will continue.”


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