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Monday, November 28, 2005

Border (SF Chronicle)

The Chronicle is running a six-part "occasional series" focusing on the Mexican-American border, "the world's longest border between a developed nation and a developing one." Below is a summary of the series, including links to the first 2 (parts 3-6 will be published in the upcoming days).

Part 1

Mission, Texas: A manufacturing boom along the Mexican side of the border has drawn people from the interior of both Mexico and the United States toward new jobs.

Part 2

Elsa, Texas: Young people in south Texas balance American individualism with Mexican American family traditions as they forge a path into the future.

Part 3

Nogales, Sonora: Hospitals in southern Arizona, plagued by the cost of caring for uninsured immigrants, improve hospitals south of the border and their bottom line at the same time.

Part 4

Sells, Ariz.: The Tohono O'odham people, whose ancestral land is bisected by the border, live and work where trafficking in humans and drugs is on the rise.

Part 5

Jacumba, Calif.: A Vietnam vet like many of the Americans who volunteered for civilian border patrols this year, Britt Craig feels he is serving his country with the Minutemen.

Part 6

Progreso,Baja California Norte.: Power plants and liquid natural gas terminals being built in Mexico to satisfy demand mostly north of the border affect the environment in both countries.


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