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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Followup: farmworker illnesses

This story from the last post hasn't gotten much press, but I did get some more information from one of our community liaisons in the area. The Fresno Bee (subscription required) has been one of the few newspapers to report on the incident ("Illness sends 17 laborers to S. Valley hospitals") and the followup investigation ("Field workers' illness still a mystery"). This all occurred at a Sunview Vineyards table grape farm in Tulare County. Aside from local media, several other organizations have been involved in the response and investigation to date: Tulare County Fire, Kern County Fire, Tulare Country Agricultural Commission, United Farm Workers, and the EPA. Ten days after the incident, "Tulare County agriculture and health officials still are puzzled over what could have caused 17 field workers to become ill."


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