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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Federal Court Shuts Down Pay As You Go Wireless"

From slashdot today:

self assembled struc writes "BCGI has been found guilty of infringing on pay-as-you-go wireless patents owned by Freedom Wireless. This means that cellular providers who use BCGI pay-as-you-go billing systems must immediately stop selling new service. For the next 90 days, as they wind down their service, they will have to pay Freedom Wireless 2.5 cents per airtime minute used PER CUSTOMER. This heralds a farewell to Cingular's Go Phone and Sprint-Nextel's Boost services, both powered by BCGI."

If this holds up, potential increases in pricing for pre-paid services would disproportionately affect poor people, who rely on such services at a much higher rate in the US.


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